70km an hour is perfect speed to drive. Any less and I’m yelling at everyone in my car, any more and I start panicking that I’m going to crash.

Think about the most emotional you have been for the longest period of time. Remember what it felt like emotionally and physically. Remember how it felt like emotions were just building on each other. Remember the experience of no one understanding how bad the situation was and how emotional you were. Now tell yourself that this is the experience of your loved one [with borderline personality disorder] every moment of every day.

Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder by Shari Y. Manning, Ph. D (via lotusandhare)

Let's make one thing clear:


  • What makes us human isn’t empathy or our ability to love.
  • The concept that love and empathy make us human is ableist and ridiculous.
  • Aromantics are human, and they do not experience the much-talked-about “exclusively-human romantic love.”
  • People on the autism spectrum and people with…

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But I don’t wanna get up

But I don’t wanna get up


So harry potter is not ruined for me in anyway. In fact, if this is real. It’s so much fucking better.

First time I ever read fan fiction

I was a teenager and a friend gave me a floppy disk containing the goblet of fire (it had not come out yet and I was dying to read it) I spent 3 days in front of the computer reading this 600 page fan fiction tale about Draco and Ginny falling in love and trying to hide it (smut in the owlery!) and Harry getting together with Angelina and the goblet of fire wasn’t for the triwizard tournament it was for Fawkes because it turns out that the poor bird was dying and wouldn’t be reborn from the ashes and it was the grave for Fawkes. Sirius came to hogwarts and disguised himself as the next defence against the dark arts teacher and of course dumbledore knew but was so torn up about Fawkes that he didn’t care ( too be honest I think he would have done it even if he wasn’t depressed about Fawkes dying)

Anyway it was amazing and I was so confused when TGOF came out and after that I could never see Harry and Ginny together and I always felt so sorry for Draco